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Is AXR4 Steinberg’s best audio interface? – Part 4: The AXR4 DSPMIXFX Panel

Hey everyone and welcome back! “Finally” you will say… Sounds From The Apartment released the final Steinberg’s AXR4 video from that massive review! 4 out of 4 then, here we... Read More

Is AXR4 Steinberg’s best audio interface? – Part 3: DSP and SILK Emulation

Hey guys! Another week is about to start with another article from Sounds From The Apartment, this time getting back to the Steinberg’s AXR4 review with the 3rd Part! Part... Read More

Is AXR4 Steinberg’s best audio interface? – Part 2: Integration with Cubase

Hey audio geeks! Another week, another video! Welcome back to Sounds From The Apartment to the 2nd part of this massive review about Steinberg’s AXR4! If you have missed the... Read More

Is AXR4 Steinberg’s best audio interface? – Part 1: The Hardware

Hey everyone Welcome back for another week of audio talks, this time playing around a with a great audio interface so we can review it! This is probably the best... Read More

Artist Showcase #6 – sayseamake

COVID-19 was not quick enough to shut sayseamake out of the Artist Sessions! We had only finished the session with sayseamake as the COVID-19 lockdown measures were announced! We live... Read More

Steinberg UR-RT4: Product Showcase

Hey everyone! This week, there’s something different for you on the blog! I can finally share with you what we’ve been preparing a few months ago! I had the pleasure... Read More

DAW* of choice!

*Digital Audio Workstation There are so many DAW’s out there nowadays. Some are free, some are not. Some are more convenient than others, some not so much but have unique... Read More

Audio Equipment List

Every studio, no matter how big or small they are, respect their equipment and promote proper use. Especially if you are running this as a home sound producer, you appreciate... Read More