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Audio Cables: The Basics

I am pretty sure you have heard a number of things about audio cables. Certainly, by now, you should know we are using them to connect the rest of our... Read More

How To Make The Best Out Of Your Equipment

The other day I was looking to find a guide for general tips for the home studio. Ideas on improving the workflow, connectivity, processes, sound, etc. Oddly enough, apart from... Read More

DAW* of choice!

*Digital Audio Workstation There are so many DAW’s out there nowadays. Some are free, some are not. Some are more convenient than others, some not so much but have unique... Read More

It’s OK to fail sometimes!

It’s ok to fail sometimes. It’s more than ok actually! There are numerous occasions where we all find ourselves in difficult situations not knowing what to do. Sometimes we pull... Read More

Why Home Producers are important!

Let’s start from the beginning! How many times have you heard someone talking very proudly about a home producer and their work nowadays? I would think not many. Yet, home... Read More