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Become A Better Sound Engineer – 04 – Ask For Specs

Hello everybody!How’s your week been? It felt as it went super quick for me if I am honest! as we are about to welcome another week of this crazy year,... Read More

Is AXR4 Steinberg’s best audio interface? – Part 1: The Hardware

Hey everyone Welcome back for another week of audio talks, this time playing around a with a great audio interface so we can review it! This is probably the best... Read More

Become A Better Sound Engineer – 03 – Hold Spare Equipment

Hey everyone!Another weekend post with another tip on how to become a better sound engineer! Welcome back to our apartment! The series “Become a Better Sound Engineer” talk about handy... Read More

Become A Better Sound Engineer – 02 – Be Tidy

Hey guys!Here we are on our usual weekend post! Welcome back! This week another video from the series “Become a Better Sound Engineer” series is out! Handy little tips that,... Read More

Become A Better Sound Engineer – 01 – Be Proactive

Hello everyone! Welcome back this week, I hope you are all doing well and you are keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe! This week we will be starting on... Read More

Patreon is up!

Hey fellow audio geeks! Apologies for the mid-week silence! Not exactly an article this week! COVID-19 has all of us isolated in lockdown! It’s an unbelievable situation! Everyday we wake... Read More

Microphone Characteristics: Impedance

Hello fellow geeks, This week, we will talk about Microphone Impedance! Before we start, we need to understand the difference between two types of impedance. Output and Load impedance. Output... Read More

Audio Cables: The Basics

I am pretty sure you have heard a number of things about audio cables. Certainly, by now, you should know we are using them to connect the rest of our... Read More