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Call Me Amour: On (Another) Tour

Hey audio geeks! Hope you are doing fantastic for another week! Thank you for your patience, I know this article has been a long due (amongst a few other things)... Read More

Call Me Amour: On Tour

Article main picture is by Clearway Media So, here’s a different post for you this time. I am quite active in the live sound space, but I hadn’t toured for... Read More

Artist Showcase #3 – Novustory

Novustory recorded live in the Apartment! I am super proud to have Novustory in the Apartment, performing on of their original songs, Edible! Novustory are a power fronted rock band... Read More

Audio Equipment List

Every studio, no matter how big or small they are, respect their equipment and promote proper use. Especially if you are running this as a home sound producer, you appreciate... Read More