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Once again back at Sounds from the Apartment! Hello everyone!

How To Become A Better Sound Engineer comes back with simple advice and tips about the world of sound and music!

We are back with #09 and another tip that might sound simple and straightforward but… it’s not!

The series “Become a Better Sound Engineer” talk about handy little tips that, although sound like common sense, they will help you in the job more than you can imagine!

What are the stupid questions that bother us whenever we have to do with a new environment, new colleagues, new equipment? Do we make them? Do we avoid them?

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Stupid Questions – How To Become A Better Sound Engineer
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A lot of these tips will definitely sound like common sense and super simple to a lot of people. But they are things we tend to neglect and can cause a negative impact on ourselves when it comes to the impression we make on other people

As you might have watched in the video, stupid questions exist but they are not stupid. They are just questions! Don’t be afraid to make them! They can bring you in a beneficial position and build trust with your more experienced colleagues!

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See ya next week!

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