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Hi everyone!

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to record a Philharmonic Orchestra if you had been asked to do so, literally, last minute?

Well this is what we are going to explore on this week’s article!

Every year, I am acting as the Head of Sound for the Loutraki Festival in Loutraki, Greece. Every year, the Loutraki Philharmonic Orchestra performs at the festival, and it’s a great experience to watch them perform!

This year it was a bit different from all the others. Amidst the challenges the Culture & Arts sector has suffered globally due to the pandemic, we managed to pull off a 12-day festival in Greece by following the imposed social distance regulations and measures! And also, recorded the Orchestra’s live performance!

Before I type anything else, please have a look on the below video so you can see how we pulled this achievement off!

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How to record a Philharmonic Orchestra
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So as you saw in the video, the setup was quite simple but did the job brilliantly!

A Behringer XR18 connected to my laptop equipped with Cubase 10.5.

And then we had 16 microphones recording simultaneously the whole thing! Here’s a screenshot from Cubase and the list of the microphones we used for making this happening!

Loutraki Philharmonic Orchestra Cubase
Loutraki Philharmonic Orchestra – Cubase 10.5 Session
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Here’s the input list of the setup!

Audix ADX-51 – Clarinet
Audix ADX-51 – Picollo
Sennheiser E614 – Oboe
Sennheiser E614 – Flutes
AKG P17 – Trumpets
AKG C1000 – Saxophones
AKG P17 – Horns
AKG C1000 – Tubas
AKG C1000 – Trombones
AKG C435 – Timpani
AKG C1000 – Percussion
Sennheiser E614 – Ambient Left
Shure KSM109 – Ambient Centre
Sennheiser E614 – Ambient Right
Sennheiser 865S – Vocal Mic
Shure SM58W – Speech Mic

I hope you enjoyed and found this video article quite interesting and different!

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See you next week! Till then, rock on!

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