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Hi audio geeks! Welcome back for another week back at Sounds from the Apartment!

This week we return to our longest series of videos, How To Become A Better Sound Engineer!

Number 08 talks about equipment… AGAIN! But this time about how you can experiment with it. You have the pieces of equipment you love, now it;s time to take their use to the next level!

The series “Become a Better Sound Engineer” talk about handy little tips that, although sound like common sense, they will help you in the job more than you can imagine!

Experimentation can only boost creativity! And through that process, you also up your knowledge about your equipment too!

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Experiment With Your Equipment – How To Become A Better Sound Engineer
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A lot of these tips will definitely sound like common sense and super simple to a lot of people. But they are things we tend to neglect and can cause a negative impact on ourselves when it comes to the impression we make on other people

As mentioned in the video, this video does relate to Know Your Equipment which pretty much is the first stage of this mindset. Know your equipment well enough, and then begin experimenting with it!

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How much do you experiment with your equipment and use it in an unconventional way? Let us know in the comments!

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Till next week, enjoy and stay creative!

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