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Hello everyone! Welcome back for another week!

I am officially back from holidays and I can’t wait to kick start another year with Sounds From The Apartment!

By now, you should have watched all the videos around the Stenberg AXR4 interface and see why it is one of the greatest interfaces out there!

If you haveven’t watched it yet, here’s a link to all the Is AXR4 Steinberg’s Best Audio interface? series!

Coming back this week from holidays, I have focused a bit on planning studio upgrades and out of it, I found the opportunity to create some more interesting content for you soon! But before we get to that…

How To Become aA Better Sound Engineer #7 is here!

The series “Become a Better Sound Engineer” talk about handy little tips that, although sound like common sense, they will help you in the job more than you can imagine!

Number Seven talks about why it is important to prepare a session beforehand. And by saying “session” I mean either in the studio or live when we are talking about a live gig. Being prepared is the best thing you can do for a smooth run!

Follow the link above for all the articles from these series or head out to our YouTube playlist for these series, of course, on our YouTube channel! And hit that SUBSCRIBE button if you haven’t already!

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Prepare The Session Beforehand – How To Become A Better Sound Engineer
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A lot of these tips will definitely sound like common sense and super simple to a lot of people. But they are things we tend to neglect and can cause a negative impact on ourselves when it comes to the impression we make on other people

This is a very good link to the very first article of these series Be Proactive which talks about the importance of being proactive. The best point to start these series if you haven’t done it yet!

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Do you prepare beforehand for a session? Let us know down below with your comments and let’s discuss!

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See you all next week!

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