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Hey everyone and welcome back!

“Finally” you will say… Sounds From The Apartment released the final Steinberg’s AXR4 video from that massive review!

4 out of 4 then, here we are! The AXR4 has so much potential and since we decided to go in-depth about its capabilities and functionality, we kicked off talking about The Hardware of the AXR4, then the Integration with Cubase it offers and, on the 3rd continuation of the series, about the onboard DSP and SILK Emulation, while now, on part 4 we are finishing these series with the DSPMIXFX Panel!

Remember to pair these series with the “What is an Audio Interface” articles which contain general knowledge about audio interfaces and how they work so you can improve your knowledge!

But now it’s time to have look ok AXR4‘s control panel, DSPMIXFX. As you can tell by the name, it suggests already that you can control the DSP, MIX, and FX functions directly from it, but it doesn’t just stop there!. Let’s have a look and find out how this professional panel can enhance our AXR4 experience!

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Is AXR4 Steiberg’s best audio interface? – Part 4: The AXR4 DSPMIXFX Panel
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The possibilities are endless with this panel! There are so many advanced functions the AXR4 Interface has to offer and are all so easily accessible through this panel.

I enjoy the analogue strip design and the ease you can customise the visible channels and the ability to save scenes. Overall it’s very flexible as a panel and convenient to use!

What do you think of the Steinberg’s AXR4 now that we concluded our review with Part 4? Would you want to investin in such an interface or

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