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Hey audio geeks!

This week we are moving away from the ordinary! This week you are behind the driving wheel for the journey to the content we will be making in these series!

Ask My Anything” will be the series where you ask me about things you might want to see explained in a simple, yet effective way!

All of the videos will be assigned to a YouTube playlist for easy access, on our YouTube channel! So make sure you subscribe to it so you don’t miss any of these videos!

Check the video below so you can understand the concept behind the idea!

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Ask Me Anything Series Launch
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And now you know how we plan this to work with all your questions! Simple isn’t it?

What are you waiting for then? Smash the comment section on our YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and, of course, here on our website!

And remember! There’s no such thing as a “silly question”!

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Your FREE tips for managing your home studio in a better way are awaiting you here!

Thank you for being around for another Sounds From The Apartment article!

See you next week all!

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