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Hey guys!

Another week is about to start with another article from Sounds From The Apartment, this time getting back to the Steinberg’s AXR4 review with the 3rd Part!

Part 1 that describes the hardware of the interface can be found here and Part 2 which is about the Integration with Cubase, can be found here!

In this article, we will be discussing about the DSP plugins that are coming with the AXR4 interface, something that we will explain in the future how ti works in the “What is an Audio Interface” series – if you are interested in audio interfaces and how they work check out the first 3 articles from these series, Understanding an audio interface, Analogue Inputs & Input Section!

Audio interfaces are a part of a magical world and the heart of our studio! The DSP functionality and extra on-board functionality, such as emulation, is always a plus and can help achieve great recordings! The video for Part 3 explains shows you how all that works and demonstrating the phenomenal Rupert Neve SILK Emulation!

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Is AXR4 Steiberg’s best audio interface? – Part 3: DSP & Silk Emulation
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Potential, capabilities and possibilities that allow us to record and produce great music are the fundamental principles behind any kind of DSP processing or emulation.

Investing in a system that is stable and can offer you all these options is how you can take your signal processing to the next eleven and enhance our recordings and mixes!

Part 4 will be released later on, and it will be the last part of these series! It’s going to be a lengthy one as we will be going through all the options the Steinberg AXR4 panel hides under the hood!

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