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Hey audio geeks!

Another week, another video! Welcome back to Sounds From The Apartment to the 2nd part of this massive review about Steinberg’s AXR4!

If you have missed the first video where we talk about the hardware of the interface and what it can offer us, you can find it here!

Like I mentioned on the last article, this comes in great timing with our “What is an Audio Interface” series which launched recently and currently has two articles out there!
Understanding an audio interface & Analogue Inputs
Check them out!

Now that you know a bit more about audio interfaces, let’s dive into the 2nd part of these series! Check the video below for the 2nd part talking about how the AXR4 communicates with Cubase (and not only!).

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Is AXR4 Steiberg’s best audio interface? – Part 2: Intergration with Cubase
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And that is how simple things are nowadays with all these integrations, just like you saw in the video!

We have come a long way to get there and now that machines can talk to each other, we can all make our workflow easier and more flexible!

When Part 3 comes around, we will be having a very interesting look at the DSP and Emulation the Steinberg AXR4 has to offer!

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What devices do you currently use that are integrated with your DAW and other hardware on your setup? Let us know!

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Stay safe and sound till we talk again!

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