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Hello everybody!
How’s your week been? It felt as it went super quick for me if I am honest!

as we are about to welcome another week of this crazy year, we return to the “How to become a better sound engineer” series, and you’ll notice there is consistency issue here with my hair being short again!

I had all this prepared for you beforehand so that’s why! But let’s not stall this any longer! Welcome to another video from Sounds From The Apartment!

The series “Become a Better Sound Engineer” talk about handy little tips that, although sound like common sense, they will help you in the job more than you can imagine!

Our fourth video is now out and you can also find it on our YouTube channel (make sure you subscribe for new content!) but also below on this page!

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Ask For Specs – How To Become A Better Sound Engineer
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A lot of these tips will definitely sound like common sense and super simple to a lot of people. But they are things we tend to neglect and can cause a negative impact on ourselves when it comes to the impression we make on other people

If you have missed any of our previous videos, you can find them all just by clicking on these handy links: 01 – Be Proactive, 02 – Be Tidy, 03 – Hold Spare Equipment

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Do you ask for specs? Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t ask for specs and you wish you had? Let us know!

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Take care stay safe! See ya next week!

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