Hey fellow audio geeks!

Apologies for the mid-week silence! Not exactly an article this week!

COVID-19 has all of us isolated in lockdown! It’s an unbelievable situation! Everyday we wake up from the comfort of our beds, it makes us wonder if it’s just a bad dream and it will be gone when we open our eyes in the next morning.

But it looks like it’s not a dream after all and COVID-19 is here to make our lives difficult. Within these hard times we, creatives, should be doing whatever we can in order to keep ahead of the game and the challenges of this crucial, for the humanity, period.

That’s why I have decided to create a Patreon page for Sounds From The Apartment!

Patreon Intro Video

A central point where you can find all the content you want, and at the same time support my work even though you might not want any of my services. If you enjoy the content I am creating, please support, as it will only help me create more! If you can’t support, please share!

Here’s the link again: https://patreon.com/soundsfromtheapartment

While everyone within the emergency services are doing their important jobs, creatives are the ones who are going to cheer and educate people up in this whole mess. We have a mission team! Let’s do it!

Stay home, stay safe, and I will see you all soon!

Peace and Love!