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This week, we will talk about Microphone Impedance!

Before we start, we need to understand the difference between two types of impedance. Output and Load impedance.

Output Impedance

You should know by now that a microphone is converting acoustic pressure to electric voltage. The Output Impedance is the resistance that voltage will have to encounter to travel through the conductor. This clearly means that the lower the impendace, the less resistance there will be, and allow the voltage to travel longer distances!

Load Impedance

The Load Impedance is a characteristic of the next device in the signal chain, which naturally is the preamp, and is also called Input Impedance. It is equally important as it might affect the quality of the sinal we are recording. This is due to the fact that it needs to be at least a 5x multiplied value of the Output Impedance by a specific degree so the preamp handles the load easier. If that is not the case, distortion would be easily audible when pushing the preamp.

It doesn’t matter how high the Load Impedance is as long as it is 5 times higher than the Outout Impedance. Typically professional microphones output 150 to 250 Ohms, which means the Load Impedance will have to be above 750 Ohms at the worst case scenario, and definitely above 1250 Ohms if we want to play this safe.

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