Hello and welcome to another week’s article! As you might be able to remember, very recently we discussed about the Maximum SPL and Signal to Noise Ratio / Self Noise. The Dynamic Range is a characteristic that relates to both of these previous discussions we had.

The Dynamic Range of a microphone represents the range between the highest sound pressure level (Maximum SPL) and the lowest value (a signal greater that the Self Noise of a microphone) it can record clearly. If the a signal was higher than the Maximum SPL it would distort and if it was lower than the Self Noise, it would be lost in the hiss and therefore unable to be captured by the microphone.

However, different microphones with the same characteristics might sound different as their behaviour might change due to their different manufacturing processes! Make sure you thouroughly check a microphone and compare it with others before you buy it so you can make sure it is the right fit for your microphone arsenal!

These articles are coming along nicely!

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