First Artist Showcase for 2020 with Dominiki and Kimonas!

This year’s Artist Showcases begin with a great duo by Dominiki and Kimonas! They decided to go with a cover of “All Night” by Beyoncé, and frankly, they couldn’t have made a better choice!

Dominiki has been a performer and vocal coach for a few years now, and she has been super active in the Manchester Music scene.
Kimonas is a guitarist and songwriter who recently moved back to Manchester. He has been a very active busker in Greece for the last 4 years.

This was a very classic recording setup.
We used a DI on Kimonas’ Acoustic Guitar and also the Rode NT2-A so to get the best of both worlds. Finally, the Aston Spirit did great capturing Dominiki’s performance!

It’s worth mentioning this is the first recording I made using Steinberg’s AXR4! What a lovely interface! Incredibly clean and transparent sound and those Neve SILK Transformers really did make everything sound better! More on the AXR4 in the future!

Input List:

  1. Acoustic Guitar – DI Box
  2. Acoustic Guitar Mic – Rode NT2-A
  3. Dominiki Vocals – Aston Spirit

Once again, everything was recorded on Steinberg’s Cubase 10.5

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Dominiki and Kimonas – All Night (Beyoncé Cover)

All music rights are reserved by their respectful owners
Recording, editing, mixing, mastering by Nikos Pavlou
Filming and Post Production by Nikos Pavlou

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Hope you enjoyed another Artist Showcase! See you soon!