Broomhead on a Christmas Special!

Broomhead and Claire Jordan decided to drop by last week (and I super thank them for that), here at the Apartment, to record live their original single “Broke My Heart”.

Dave and Mike are the core of Broomhead, and are joined by the wonderful Claire Jordan on this track. All of them based in Manchester with a great presence in Manchester’s Music scene!

This must have been one of the quietest recordings I have ever done!
The Silent Acoustic Guitar going through a DI Box and the Electric Guitar going through the Kemper, made possible for only the vocals to be heard in the room. I think that worked perfectly with the nature of the vocals in the end, as they were very subtle and quiet and any microphone bleeding from the guitars was minimised!

Input List:

  1. Silent Acoustic Guitar – DI Box
  2. Dave Vocals – Aston Spirit
  3. Claire Vocals – Rode NT2-A
  4. Electric Guitar Kemper DI Return
  5. Electric Guitar Kemper Left Master
  6. Electric Guitar Kemper Right Master

Everything was recorded on Steinberg’s Cubase 10.5

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Broomhead feat Claire Jordan – Broke My Heart

All music rights are reserved by their respectful owners
Recording, editing, mixing, mastering by Nikos Pavlou
Filming and Post Production by Nikos Pavlou

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Merry Christmas everyone! See you next year!