Novustory recorded live in the Apartment!

I am super proud to have Novustory in the Apartment, performing on of their original songs, Edible!

Novustory are a power fronted rock band Novustory create stadium worth rock music from a glorified shed in Manchester. Comprising out of Imogen on vocals, Ben on guitars, Chris on bass (but he decided to go 6-string for this video) and James on the drums!

This was such an interesting recording due to the space we were recording, but we pulled it off nicely! 7 channels were used on this, in case you are wondering. Novustory, very politely, suggested to bring in their Neumann U87 for this recording and it worked like a charm!

Input List:

  1. Djembe Bottom – Audix D6
  2. Djembe Top – Aston Spirit
  3. Acoustic Guitar (Left) – DI Box
  4. Acoustic Guitar (Left) – Rode NT2
  5. Acoustic Guitar (Right) – DI Box
  6. Acoustic Guitar (Right) – Rode NT2-A
  7. Imogen Vocals – Neumann U87

Everything was recorded on Steinberg’s Cubase 10

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Novustory – Edible

All music rights are reserved by their respectful owners
Recording, editing, mixing, mastering by Nikos Pavlou
Filming and Post Production by Nikos Pavlou

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