Let’s start from the beginning! How many times have you heard someone talking very proudly about a home producer and their work nowadays? I would think not many. Yet, home producers are everywhere, in every city, no matter how big or small, in every country, every continent, every little corner of this world (well… maybe excluding Antarctica, but you can see where I am coming from!), but still not many people talk about them unless they make it big first, or they are already well known. I simply can not express how wrong this is, but let’s see why!

These days, with the right use of technology, anything is possible! We can develop simple smart devices that help you focus, to even smart self-landing spacecrafts! And when it comes to sound, music and producing, you can have an actual studio in your bedroom, or even in your laptop and work while you are in a coffee shop enjoying your favourite brew! These days, magic happens! And this is why we should be embracing technology; It can make magic happen every single day!

But why are home producers important to our audio ecosystem?

If money was not a problem and someone gave you two options so you could have your music recorded and produced, what would you choose?

A: A, relatively, unknown home producer with great knowledge and skills,
B: A high-class professional studio with a producer that is doing the bare minimum to get the job done?

Most people would, unsurprisingly, choose option B.

Why? First of all, prestige. Who wouldn’t love to record their music in a high class studio and talk all about it on social media? And then, you can get good recordings out of it too. But what about creativity and the ability to soak into the music you are creating and collaborate with someone to help you out with your ideas and take your music to the next level? Remember, the high class studio producer is doing his bare minimum and focus in getting the job done.

Now, let’s explore option A.

First of all, a home producer will likely charge less as they will not have access to all that fancy expensive outboard equipment a high-class studio will have. However, home producers tend to know their equipment inside out, hence understanding how to get a very good result out of it and deliver great stuff! So you should never expect a low quality recording from a good home producer. Home producers are passionate about music and put all of their passion to new projects and collaborations. And that is where all the value is hidden. You have so many home producers around you, all you have to do is choose carefully! Not every producer will have the same vibes as you do, but that does not mean they are bad at what they do, they just don’t fit to your needs!

And here’s where the magic is! Find the producer that suits and resonates with your desires, let them embrace your music and, with the right use of technology, shape it! Of course, you will have the final word in everything but a good producer will be able to give you the direction your music needs to go to and it will feel natural. This will enhance your music and reveal all these little details that can make a song stand out!

In the end?

– You will be proud of what you have achieved
– Your fans will appreciate all the hard work you have done
– You’ll get great feedback for your music
– You’ll have spend less than working with a high-class studio
but most importantly:
– You will have discovered your music identity!

Never take home producers and their skills lightly!
These are the people who will elevate your music to the next level and make you a better artist!

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Till the next blog post, be creative!