Every studio, no matter how big or small they are, respect their equipment and promote proper use. Especially if you are running this as a home sound producer, you appreciate your equipment even more as it requires so much hard work to get to a point where you can confidently say that you have built a professional setup. Even if it is in your apartment!

Sounds from the Apartment follow the same mentality and we are proud to be using the below list of equipment to create music and inspire all the creatives of our community.

Let’s start:

  • Monitoring
    • 2x Adam Audio A7X
    • 2x KRK Rokit RP6 Gen1
    • 1x AKG K171 MKII
  • Audio Interfaces and preamps
    • 1x MOTU 8pre USB
    • 1x Behringer ADA8200
    • 1x Steinberg UR12 (Portable use)
    • 1x Behringer XR18 (Live use)
  • Amp Modelling
    • 1x Kemper Profiler Rack
  • Controllers
    • 1x Behringer X-Touch
    • 1x Novation LaunchKey61 MKII MIDI Keyboard
    • 1x IK Multimedia iRigKeys25 MIDI Keyboard
    • 1x Mackie BigKnob
  • Microphones
    • 1x Aston Spirit
    • 1x Rode NT2A
    • 1x Rode NT2
    • 1x Audix D6
    • 2x Shure SM57
    • 1x t.bone BD25 Beta
    • 4x t.bone CD56 Beta
    • 2x t.bone EM81
    • 3x t.bone MB85 Beta
  • Instruments:
    • 1x AeroDrums
    • 1x Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar
    • 1x Ibanez GSR200 Electric Bass
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1x IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200
    • 1x Alesis AI-1
    • 1x Samson S-Direct Plus Stereo DI
    • 1x Aston SwiftShield Pop Filter
    • 1x Aston Halo Shadow Reflection Filter
    • 1x Gravity MS 4322 Microphone Stand
    • 1x Stagg MXS-A1 Keyboard Stand

Fun Fact:

The first piece of equipment I ever bought, was a Tascam US-144. That’s where everything started.

Obviously this is only the audio equipment we have in place. What you would change on this setup? What would you add/remove, what do you like and what do you not?

Also, is equipment more important, or skills? Or maybe a combination of both? Let us know in the comments below!

Until the next post, be creative!