Welcome to Sounds from the Apartment!

My name is Nikos and I am a sound (mostly sound, we’ll come to that in a bit!) professional with more than 12 years of experience in studio and live sound. I decided to start this, Sounds from the Apartment, page to share my experience and stories when it comes to sound. I’m also aiming to promote, a bit more, my studio work as most music and sound professionals around my base area know me as a professional LIVE sound engineer, but are not aware I do have studio experience too. In addition to that, I am also involved into photography and videography which I both picked up only because I wanted to be able to combine all these skills together for my personal projects.

Sounds from the Apartment will primarily focus on sound knowledge articles and stories (hopefully not just from myself) but I will also make a focus to promote local artists and their music with performances recorded AND filmed in the Apartment! How wicked is that?!

Finally, I will be creating educational videos in the form of tutorials (and some other goodies) which you will be able to purchase via the shop (you’ll find freebies in there too!)

So here’s a quick list of the types of content I will be populating this website with:

  • Sound Knowledge Articles
  • Studio Sound Stories
  • Live Sound Stories
  • Artist Showcasing
  • Educational Tutorials (Free and Paid)
  • Digital Goodies (Free and Paid)

And don’t forget, as this is going to be a blog-type platform, we can all discuss and connect!

Until the next post, take care!